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Systemics Network International

SNIís mission is to supply creative strategies and solutions at the forefront of 21st century technology. A new business concept itself, SNI is designed for an era of connectivity, global concerns and the extension of technostructures on Earth and into space. The SNI team are your partners in shaping and dealing with the systems and dynamics ("systemics") of this world, where technology, business, law and policy intersect and interact.

A Network of Excellence for a Networked World

SNI was created in Brussels, Europe's capital, in February 1995. Its founders, like others, had seen that a growing need for diverse expertise was often best met by forming teams for individual projects from a network of experts, which may offer advantages of skills, experience and approach going beyond those ordinarily available to a client organization.

But as experienced managers, SNIís founders also realized that, in their fields, this approach had to be refined in order to sustain the necessary high quality of service. They therefore devised a network concept around the principles of excellence, partnership, synergy, achieving strategic goals with limited resources, and firm project management. To implement this concept, SNI's systems and procedures draw on a pool of organizational best practice in tailoring support to client requirements and for taking fullest advantage of networking across industry, commerce, government and academia.

The result today is a successful cooperative in which companies and individuals from a wide set of professional and disciplinary backgrounds join in a uniquely adapted structure. In the process SNI has outgrown other networks and achieved an outstanding record for quality and value. The steady expansion of SNIís activities and international presence are further testimony that SNI represents an idea whose time has come.

Development of SNIís scope

SNI started as a specialist consultancy, providing independent analysis and advice in defined high-technology sectors. This remains SNIís core business. While consultancy studies and direct assistance to client teams drive this business, it also extends to ancilliary services like specialist event management and education/training.

But today, following SNIís strategic plan SNI 2010, this core is being augmented. Two companies, ITSS and Transeurosat have been formed within the framework of SNI to conduct specific tasks - logistics and provision of internet services in ITSS' case, and the design, marketing and sale of satellite services in Transeurosat's in association with major companies. Other companies are foreseen, once particular projects justify their establishment.

Beyond this, SNI has established a think tank addressing major issues of global dimensions, Global Challenge. This belongs to SNI's non-commercial area of activity. Not being bound to deliver shareholder value, SNI is free to play its part in promoting cooperation between commerce, government and civil society on issues of general importance. It brings to that cooperation the benefit of its theoretical tools and experience, especially with innovative technologies and the management systems that deliver them in useful form.

We in SNI believe we've developed a successful, sustainable template for several sectors and activities outside any of the above. SNI is therefore open to good faith, well-substantiated third-party proposals to form new managed networks along SNI lines, either as an external service or possibly by integration into SNI itself.

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