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SNI provision of managed network services

Formation of international partnerships and networks is vital to conducting affairs effectively today. Managing an international network or alliance or partnership, whatever it is called, is however no easy matter. Having a neutral, impartial and experienced provider of network management services may therefore be the thing your organization and colleagues have been looking for.

The cooperative network concept SNI has developed lends itself to use by, for example:

  • regulatory and policy consultants,
  • engineering and economic consultants,
  • participants in research projects,
  • graphic and web designers and software developers.

Contact SNI if you'd like further information.

Any network accepted within the SNI framework must meet certain eligibility criteria. SNI is neutral with respect to any particular political party and major business interest. SNI reserves, inter alia, the right to obtain financial guarantees and exonoration for all third party relationships and to charge a fair and reasonable fee for provision of its services, including initial evaluation.