The service company for
Systemics Network International

International Telecommunications and Space Systems ITSS Ltd is a UK company that was founded in 2011. It succeeds ITSS sprl, a Belgian company, which performed the same function from 1997 until the end of 2011. Its registered office is in Hastings. The company is owned and managed by SNI's Managing Partner, Kevin Madders, who reports to the SNI Projects Board.

ITSS operates by "procuration" from SNI under Belgian law to supply infrastructure and corporate services that help SNI conduct its affairs. This includes keeping archives, maintaining supplier relations, and assuring computer facilities, including for SNI's internet services. Where appropriate, ITSS acts as contractual and/or invoicing interface to Clients on SNI's behalf.

By performing these roles, ITSS frees SNI and its teams to concentrate on projects, not back office functions. This simplicity is an essential part of SNI's business model and enhances its attraction to its participants as a cooperative.

ITSS' archives on especially ICT, space and EU matters are very extensive and contain a bulk of published and unpublished material. Other organizations can request searches and copies of materials on reasonable commercial terms.

Email: itss[@]

Company Number 7588228. Registered address: 2 Cambridge Gardens, Hastings, East Sussex TN34 1EH, United Kingdom