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The SNI approach

SNI sets great store in maintaining consistency, whatever the project undertaken. Partly this is a matter of management technique. But it also depends on methodology. SNI's multidisciplinary teams rely on the systems approach. This provides a common framework for structuring different situations, relationships, scenarios, desired outcomes and the means to achieve them. Senior SNI consultants have themselves contributed to systems theory research. Today, SNI applies the fruits of this research in clear, everyday terms in practical economic, engineering, legal and policy contexts. The systems approach also contributes to rigorous business and project planning.

The Result: A Solid Record of Achievement, Versatility and Value

SNIís project portfolio in its fields of activity bears witness to the power and coherence of this approach throughout the studies, reports, network and other plans, legislative texts, regulatory instruments, policy papers, and agreements prepared or negotiated by SNI consultants. It also of course demonstrates their versatility as government or corporate advisers. They also have a spotless record in discharging functions on the top floor of commercial affairs and technological diplomacy, including as representatives. On the other hand, SNIís network structure means that SNI is able to avoid many overhead costs that other organizations or firms incur, so providing excellent value for money.