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Fields of activity

Telecommunications, terrestrial and satellite, is the field in which SNI first became active. Its particularly broad competence here extends to:

  • regulatory, strategic and business consultancy
  • investor support services, notably project appraisal and promotion of investment
  • provision of transmission capacity, infrastructure services and data/internet solutions.

SNI has for instance analysed both niche and mainstream market structures and provided key support in their reform and restructuring. It has become a successful marketeer, moving from a springboard in the satellite capacity market to infrastructure and user services.

On the regulatory side, SNI has conducted fundamental analysis on EU and international telecommunications law and policy and advised on a wide range of subjects at this level. SNI has also drafted and advised on general and specific national legal regimes for telecommunications, including as to licensing and market access, interconnection, equipment, numbering allocation and radio spectrum management and pricing.

SNI closely monitors relevant developments within European and international organizations and in the global marketplace, in particular as to the development of the internet, e-commerce and new enabling communication technologies.

Space applications and policy constitute the second pillar of SNIís competence. A number of SNIís senior consultants have long experience in space projects and their legal/managerial mechanisms at government, agency, industrial and international level. SNI possesses, as in telecommunications, extensive archives on this field from launch and satellite systems to the International Space Station and future systems. One of SNIís founders has published the leading work on the European space sector; another is one of Europeís telecommunications satellite pioneers. SNI actively promotes European space initiatives.

Environmental, energy and transport systems, including air traffic management, form the third pillar of SNI competence, which benefits in terms of methods and experience from synergy with the first two. The expertise available to SNI here was built up in environmental and energy consultancy projects at national level and in transport-related projects involving bodies such as the European Commission and Eurocontrol. Projects today are increasingly regional or inter-regional in scope, in light of developments such as the establishment of Trans-European Networks. As in other fields, SNIís consultants often cooperate closely with other organizations and firms on projects.

If you would like to receive more specific information, please contact us specifying the area of activity and your requirements.