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SNI Space and Telecommunications Consulting Services

SNI offers a variety of high-tech related consulting services, from the strategic level to the more mundane. The client's requirements are of course determinant. Our clients include governments, international organizations and companies, large and small. Assignments chiefly involve research, analysis, evaluation, advice and report or other document drafting in relation to:

  • Telecommunications, from a regulatory, market, technical and management perspective
  • Space, beginning with satellite communications, but extending to other applications, launchers and space law and policy
  • Air space management
  • Environment, including the transfer of skills and technology from other fields
  • Business organization and planning, notably in the above fields but also in others
  • Application of internet technologies in the business and organization.

In addition to these "deliverables" services, SNI provides consultancy support that involves the SNI team member in defined activities on the client's behalf. This often involves negotiation in some form, such as of a treaty or contract text or an adaptation to EU law. It can also involve representation at bodies at which trusted expert presence is required. This has included NATO, Eurocontrol, the ITU, the Open Network Provision Committee of the European Commission, EFTA and Eutelsat. Senior Consultants have also worked with Government officials in the formulation of policy as well as of legislative texts.

For further information on particular areas of consultancy, kindly contact us, giving details of the kind of requirements you have in mind.